The 10 Most Addicting Video Games


Some video games offer compelling stories and can be exhilarating for the 60 odd hours that are required to complete them, and then there games whose main focus is on gameplay. These games are often accessible for anyone to play and easy to pick up, but often prove to be addictive and difficult to put down. It’s not uncommon for players to log over 600 hours into these open-ended or matchmaking games, dwarfing the commitment required for a 60 hour quest. The following are the 10 most addicting video games ever created. It would be very easy to lose a full day while playing these engaging games.

10. SimCity (Series)

SimCity is widely regarded as an addictive experience, one that is so engaging that it will cause hours to fly by. While this notion may no longer apply to 2013’s ghastly SimCity 5 (simply titled SimCity), the concept remains in place that the brand offers endless entertainment by providing simple tasks. SimCity 5 may have proven how addictive the series is moreso than the previous entries accomplished. That’s due to all the inherent flaws in SimCity 5 being exposed and yet gamers still playing the game. The always-online component (that has since been squashed) caused major issues for players when it first launched. The servers were not functioning properly and there was a period of time where nobody could actually log on and play the game. However, players continued their attempt to play. The enormous launch fiasco was propelled by the fact that so many people actually wanted to play the game. That’s the true mark of an addictive endeavor.

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