The 5 most addictive drugs in the world

The addictive quality of a drug is measured by its effect on the body and the effects it has on society


The most addictive drugs are heroin, cocaine and nicotine, followed by barbiturates and alcohol, according to a panel of addiction experts.

The addictive quality of drugs are measured by both its effect on the body and the effects it has on society.

For example, researchers look at how strongly the drug affects the brain’s dopamine system or the strength of its withdrawal symptoms.

They also consider the drugs street value and how pleasurable users report it to be.

When Professor David Nutt, director of psychopharmacology in the Division of Brain Sciences at Imperial College, London, asked a panel of addiction experts to rank which drugs they believed were most addictive, they said the most addictive drugs were heroin, cocaine, nicotine, barbiturates and alcohol, The Conversation reports.​

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